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Here’s a great money saving tip for reconditioning nicad batteries for free. If you have a dead, rechargeable nicad battery, they are made up of multiple cells. Often, just a cell or two are bad and can be reconditioned or rejuveniated very easily.

Watch our how to recondition nicad batteries for free video on Youtube here…

One of the biggest problems with power tools that use nicad rechargeable batteries is the battery often dies. But, all is not lost …Nicad batteries use multiple “cells” and usually just a single cell dies. This means all the other cells in the battery can still be used.

Watch this quick video to see how fast and easy it is to reuse nicad battery cells for other tools:

You can also view our “how to reuse nicad batteries” video on Youtube.


Rechargeable hand-held tools are great…Until the battery dies, making your favorite tool just about useless. To make matters worse, if the battery is still available it often costs more to buy a replacement battery than it does to just get a whole new drill kit.
So…Here’s a quick and easy way to hack your drills and other power tools if their batteries die:

You can watch this power tool tip video on Youtube.


 Here’s a quick and fun DIY camping gear video Brett and I made using a 7 gallon plastic bucket and a windshield wiper motor. We wanted to run it using a solar panel instead of a 12v battery, but the sun wasn’t out that day. Something like this is great for camping, RVing or using for oily shop rags you don’t want to put in your main washing machine.


You can check out the DIY camping gear video “Hillbilly Laundry” on Youtube…